If you’re managing SEO for a website, that means you also have to measure your impact. But, how do you do that effectively? And is that data really telling you the full story of your quest for organic traffic?

Nobody ever said SEO was easy, but with SerpYou’s Keyword Rankings tool, measuring your optimization successes is a snap. Not only does Keyword Rankings provide actual ranking data from real-life searches in Google and Bing, but also impressions and clicks, alongside valuable metrics from Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

Please your clients with legit rankings data

Your clients want rankings. SerpYou is committed to authorized data. Our Keyword Ranking tool rivals traditional ranking tools and reports with authorized average ranking data that comes directly from Google Webmaster Tools.

Get unparalleled insights about keyword value

This is a whole new level of keyword ranking data. Get your average keyword rankings side-by-side with impressions, click-through rates, visits, search volume and more. Toggle metrics on and off for dozens of views.

Focus on keyword groups for better analysis

Click one button to filter by branded keywords; click another for non-branded ones. Or filter by all your ranking keywords, and then by all your non-ranking ones. Analyze and decide if you need to adjust your strategy.

View your website’s keyword ranking history

SerpYou stores all this data for the life of your account so you can study, report, and analyze it to your heart’s content. In fact, keyword ranking histories offer some of the most unique perspectives on a website’s organic traffic you can get.

To get started, simply authorize your Google Webmaster Tools account and we’ll take it from there.

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