Getting the users updated on what is happening in the market is important. If the users are not aware of the changes then there is no point in enrolling in the various marketing strategies as you would not be able to change yourself with the changes in the market on time.

SerpYou understands the importance of keeping the users updated on what is happening to their rankings when they are busy with some other tasks. To ensure that the users are always updated with the changes in the rankings of their website/keywords, SerpYou sends its users’ email notification daily. The users reserve the right to modify their subscription to weekly, monthly, or no notifications as per their comfort and convenience level.

Keyword Rank Tracker

Reporting using the Email Notifications

SerpYou send its users the emails about the positioning of their website and keywords on the search engine. The email sent by SerpYou includes the ranking distribution of the website, the keywords up/downtrend, and the change in the ranking of the keywords on the search engine over time.

The email that you receive from SerpYou would also allow you to edit your subscription through the edit your subscription button present in the email. The users also get a button to manage all their keywords through which they can directly manage their rankings. Besides this, the email also gives its users an overview of their last visit to the website to ensure that they are secured and their security is not breached by any third party.

Why should the users opt for Email Notifications?

Over the years, we have received positive feedback from our customers who have enrolled in our email notifications. They reported that they have found an exponential increase in their website traffic as they were able to timely respond to the market changes and the changing customer needs. They have maintained and improved their position in the search engine which eventually had helped them to get traffic to their websites followed by improved revenues through the improved sales from the website.

If you have not used our services, we recommend you try our services once and we ensure that you will find an improvement in your search engine ranking if you respond to the changes on time. We have got a free trial to get yourself started and experience the way towards possibilities.

Try our service once and make your name added to our list of our happy and satisfied customers who have experienced exponential growth through our services.

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