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Keyword Rank SERP Checker evaluates website's keyword rank for Google search engine. This is a very important and popular tool for SEO experts and online marketers as its results are directly connected to websites traffic.

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page, which is a page returned by search engine in response to a search query. SERP Checker is a tool used to obtain a position of domains in the search results for a specific keyword query. The better the position of your domain is for a keyword query, the higher is the chance of attracting visitors that used that keyword in their search queries.

SERP checkers are an essential tool in the Search Engine Optimizers (SEO) packs which aid in checking the coverage of a website in search engines. SERP checker results show the numeric rank of a website in the search results of typically used search engines such as Google and now Bing. The SERP checker indicates where the website is found in the search engine results page and therefore gives an indication of how much optimization will be necessary for a website to reach a target rank. Search engine results are typically refreshed periodically the period in between the refreshes do not take into account the modifications made to the website to improve its rank.

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Save time on tracking multiple keyword rankings with SerpYou SEO Tracker

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