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Get found on the Internet. Track keywords in the most popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Follow the changes of your positioning in search engines and find out which SEO methods work, and which do not work. Stop wasting valuable time and resources repeating outdated SEO methods, and find out what works in the present.

SerpYou is fully optimized to work in over 180+ Google regions. Track the top 200 results on all search engines from a single platform. Analyze your progress on a daily basis and understand how rankings affect your growth.

Competitor Analysis

Once you've added keyword into the system, SerpYou automatically finds out your competitors. We will assist you in doing that by keeping a close eye on their online activities, organic or paid and report to you on a timely basis.

Be watchful to your competitors. Identify the various techniques that they are deploying in the daily tasks and make yourself updated to give neck-to-neck competition to them.

Keyword Research

Our Keyword Research tool based on the Google search autocomplete feature. The search terms that are suggested by Google autocomplete are based on a number of different factors, one of them is how often users were searching for a particular term in the past. It extracts Google suggestions and presents it to you in a convenient form.

Custom SEO Reports

Save your time and delight your clients with nice-looking reports. SerpYou provides you all types of major reporting formats in both normal and white label reporting.

Anyone who manually runs reports knows how tedious and time consuming it can be. Save yourself time by setting up automated data exports and receive weekly or monthly ranking reports that can easily be added into your reporting process.

Google Analytics Integration

Keep your marketing analytical data all in one place, including the most essential Google Analytics reports, keyword ranking reports, backlink stats, competitor SEO metrics and more. Just connect your GA account to SerpYou and enjoy the all-in-one reporting.

Google Search Console Integration

See what keywords are already bringing real visitors - to double your SEO efforts and increase your rankings for keywords you may have mistakenly overlooked before.

Scheduled Email Notifications

Set up automated email notifications and receive daily, weekly or monthly ranking reports. SerpYou has customizable control panel so you can set any parameters you like.

Find a summary of the changes in rankings over time. Receive daily updates and identify the way your website ranking changes with the changes in your SEO Strategy.

Backlinks & Rank Metrics

Page Rank & Page Backlink metrics combine the link intelligence of Alexa and Moz to provide you with comprehensive backlinks statistics for any website in your campaign.

Backlink & Page Rank Metrics

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