Google Analytics integration to your SerpYou account allows you to have a greater audience insight. Once your Google Analytics account is integrated into your SerpYou account, you would be able to have all your marketing analytical data into a single place. This means that you do not need to remember the login credentials of different accounts and check all your accounts individually to understand the overall picture of your keywords/website ranking.

SerpYou allows its users to have access to the all-in-one marketplace where the users would be able to get all the analytical data at a single place. This includes Analytical reports, backlinking reports, keyword ranking report, competitor analysis, and much more. These reports empower the user to identify the visitor’s evolution over a period of time. This is done in a simplified and interactive way with the use of line graphs, table charts, etc. that help the users in better understanding the end results more fruitfully.

Google Analytics Integration

Connecting your Google Analytics account

Connecting your SerpYou account to your Google account is an easy and simple process. You do not need to have any technical knowledge of the subject. Having just a basic subject knowledge would allow you to easily connect both these accounts.

Below are the steps to be followed to connect your SerpYou account to your Google Analytics account:

1. Login to your SerpYou account.
2. Move to the Dashboard section of your SerpYou account.
3. Click on the ‘Connect Google Analytics’ button available at the bottom of the dashboard.
4. Now, login to your Google Analytics account, and give the permissions.
5. That’s all! You are done. You have integrated your SerpYou account with your Google Analytics account.

If you want to remove your Google Analytics account from your SerpYou account in the future, then by moving to the Security you can remove the permissions that you have given to the app.

Improved understanding of the performance

The SerpYou - Google Analytics integration proves to be a highly beneficial tool that allows the users to get the overall statistics of the performance of the keywords/website. The user-friendly insights help in identifying and evaluating the performance of your business over the due course of time.

Overall, this is going to be a win-win deal for the businesses. The users, based on the gathered statistics can take timely and informed decisions about their business. This will allow them to be competitive in the marketplace and get improved revenues through the improved rate of conversion and the increase in the number of potential buyers of services.

It’s time to have improved control over your business

If you have not yet integrated the Google Analytics to your SerpYou account, it’s the time to do it. With this, you will have better control over your business with improved insights and better end results. You will get timely updates about the competitors. You will get an understanding of the changes that are taking place in the marketplace and the way it impacts your business over the due period of time.

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