Google Search Console is an innovatory tool that helps you in managing your presence on the search engine. It allows you to manage your web pages indexing and indexing errors on the google search. Using the tool, the users would be able to get an overall website SEO traffic overview and they would identify the best performing keywords over time.

The best performing keywords are listed according to their impressions, clicks, CTR, and position. The keywords that have the highest ranking on these parameters are ranked higher in the search engine whereas the ones who have lower ranking on these parameters are listed in that order accordingly. Overall, the users can understand how Google views its website and its webpages over the search engine.

Google Search Console Integration

Connecting your SerpYou account with your Google Search Console

Connecting your SerpYou account with your Google Search Console account is easy and simple. To connect both of them, please follow the steps given below:

1. Login to your SerpYou account.
2. Navigate to the Tools and select Google Search Console.
3. Authorize your data from Google Search Console by connecting to the Google Search Console.
4. Login to your Google account and give the permissions.
5. That’s all! You are done. You have integrated your SerpYou account with your Google Search Console account.

You are ready to Go! Get all your data at a single place in the Dashboard section of your SerpYou account. Identify the trends and take prudent and timely measures to improve search results.

Benefits of connecting your SerpYou account with your Google Search Console

The benefits that the users would get after they connect their SerpYou account with their Google search console account include:

Evaluation of the results for a particular expression.
Identification of the times the users click your website in the search results.
Trends in the click-through rate.
Average positioning of your website for each keyword.

An understanding of the Google Search trends

Google Search trends are available in the form of line charts. With the help of the visual representation of the line charts, the users can understand the search pattern for the requisite keywords over time.

The ease and simplicity of the graphical representation allow any layman who does not even have any technical knowledge of the subject, identify the search patterns of the end-users, how their interests are changing over time, and it let the users have an understanding of the changing trends with time.

Once you have gathered the data, you are now allowed to download that data in the various formats as per the comfort and convenience of your research. The users have an option to download the report in CSV, Excel, PDF, and Printable formats.

Take the Data-Driven Decisions for your business

As now you have the data of your end-users. It’s time to evaluate the data and make informed decisions for your business. You can now cater to the users with the services/things that they need the most. This also helps you in the identification of the potential loopholes and it helps you in eradicating the gaps on time using the data-driven decisions.

It’s time to boost your business revenues with the optimization of the customer experience!

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