Keyword Research is one of the important aspects of a business. This acts as a foundation of your SEO campaign. By selecting the right set of keywords, you can drive traffic to your website. The users visiting your website may turn into potential leads and would allow you to increase your sales with an exponential increase in the revenues.

SerpYou Keyword Research is a powerful Keyword Rank Tracking Tool that allows the users to identify the best possible set of keywords that would be effective to gain the attention of your potential customers. With these keywords, businesses would effectively be able to land customers on their website pages in the search engine. This acts as a base for an effective search engine optimization process and that is the reason, why many companies invest heavily in the Keyword research tool.

Keyword Research

Using the tool, users can identify the position of their keyword on the search engine. The Keyword Research tool allows users to get the audience insights on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This helps businesses to understand how keyword rankings affect growth and this allows them to take timely measures to obtain productive results for their business.

SerpYou also provides its users with the option to integrate Google Analytics to get enhanced results with better insights. You will be able to identify the top keywords by rank, top keywords by search volume, position changes in the search engine, Moz DA, Moz PA, Alexa Rank, along with the backlinks that direct towards your website.

The Graphical distribution provided in the dashboard section lets you understand the overall performance of your keywords with ease and simplicity. The users are allowed to download the report of the performance of your keywords in CSV, Excel, PDF, and printable forms based on the level of their comfort and convenience.

Benefits of using SerpYou Keyword Research Tool:

With so many outstanding features, SerpYou Keyword Research is a value-for-money resource for your business. With this tool, you would not just be able to optimize your website with the right set of keywords, but you will also be able to increase your revenues with improved sales for your business. The benefits of using SerpYou include:

Access to Data Insights
Get access to the data of all your keywords. The data include volume data, positioning data, ranking data, backlinking data, etc.

Relevant Keyword Identification
The users are allowed to identify the keywords that are more relevant for their business. They would also be able to identify the keywords which they need to focus on so that the ranking of their business is improved in the search engine.

Grouping of keywords
Keyword grouping feature helps in organizing the SEO Keywords into groups so that effective insights are obtained.

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SerpYou Keyword Research has proved to be a highly beneficial tool for various businesses. Businesses that have deployed the tool in their day-to-day operations have obtained highly profitable results in terms of revenue growth and increased customer engagement in their business.

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