The free advertising program AdSense has belonged to Google Incorporated since 2003. With AdSense, entrepreneurs can advertise their products on the Internet on the one hand, and the owners of websites earn money through the integration of paid ads on the other hand. For this system to be used, the owner or host of a web page must register with Google AdSense. If the web page meets certain quality standards, Google provides the operator certain tools. In order to advertise products, it is possible to embed conventional text or image ads on the web page as well as video ads and link blocks. In addition, ads can be accurately placed on the web page and occupied with channel IDs. In the webmaster tool, the positions of ads can then be compared and checked for efficiency and benefits. The payment of the web page owners and hosts takes place through Google AdSense. The advertisers and host / web page providers are managed through the Google AdWords program. This is where advertisers also pay for their ads that are clicked on the web pages of the ad provider (AdSense) and / or in the Google search (AdWords).

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